We conduct digitisation of “small” formats 8, S-8 and 9.5mm on a professional scanner. This approach is unique in the Czech Republic and at least in all of Central Europe. We thus do not carry out digitisation using technologies such as capturing the image with a camera from a screen or ground glass.

Delivery and recommended output formats

  • Recommended data format, datarate 10 Mbps.
  • Export to FTP server, from which you can download the data onto your own computer.
  • Export to your own portable drive.


  • Base price: 1.5 EUR / 1 min.
  • Price includes: basic image enhancement, i.e. colour and brightness correction.
  • Export to FTP server or to own portable drive.

Special notice for those interested in digitisation of small formats:

Pragafilm works closely with the Archive of Private Film History. This civic association was founded in 1992 and seeks out and archives digitised private family film materials, which it considers a valuable source of historical knowledge. if the materials are suitable for archiving and the owner agrees include material in the collection, the Archive of Private Film History offers free conversion of the material.